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Join the Mini Marathon organized by DEBRA Ireland and have a chance to meet Robert:

Fancy heading on a date with Robert Sheehan? There’s only 10km standing in your way!

DEBRA Ireland have come up with an ingenious way of encouraging women to don their trainers and hit the road for this year’s Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, with all ladies who run the race for the charity getting to meet Love/Hate actor Robert Sheehan and his brother Brendan (Mr Fitness Ireland) for cocktails!

DEBRA Ireland are appealing to women around Ireland to sign up for event and run, jog or crawl the 10km race to support patients and families living with the debilitating skin condition epirdermolysis bullosa (EB).

Robert was convinced to get involved after he was contacted by DEBRA Patient Ambassador Emma Fogarty (29), who has already won the hearts of Colin Farrell and Johnny Sexton and made it her mission to get the Love/Hate actor to get involved.  Emma is the oldest person in Ireland living with recessive dystrophic EB and hails from Abbeyleix just down the road from Robert’s family home in Co. Laois.

“I sat down with Emma and was so struck that she was such a vibrant, engaging and enthusiastic person.  She hooked me into the whole thing!” he said.

All of those who take part in the race for DEBRA Ireland will get to meet Robert and Brendan for drinks, while there will also be a special competition to win a one-on-one date with the actor himself!

To get involved, all you need to do is sign themselves and four friends up for DEBRA Ireland in this year’s marathon and you could be gazing into those dreamy eyes in no time. Hurry though, the offer is valid for the next few days only so log on to www.debraireland.org for details. The official closing date for entry is April 18th, but it may close earlier if full.

All proceeds from the event go towards providing services to those living with the skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB) better known as butterfly skin.


Source: Her.ie

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Robert talks about his London experience for Hunger:

I was 14 when I first came to London. I was with my mother, and we were visiting her sister, Mary, who lived in Greenford, which is about as close to Central London as the Arctic Tundra. She worked security in Heathrow Airport; I remember her wowing me with tales of all the celebrities that she’d patted down. The Beckhams, Bruce Willis… she’d seen and screened them all!

As it is for most newcomers, London was quite a shock to the system for me. We wandered through the markets and stalls, the bizarre bazaars of Southall. I remember feeling like we’d stepped into a portal to a different end of the planet, and brought the weather with us – Mam and I were the only pasty, white Irish faces amidst a sea of dark, exotic complexions from all parts of Asia, selling their exotic wares.

When we made the pilgrimage to the West End, on the tube, my mind couldn’t comprehend the idea that this underground mode of transport was a necessary part of people’s daily routines. It was incredibly loud, hot and intense, and everyone’s insistence on not speaking or interacting with each other made it awkward to the point of torturous. Caught in the bustle, nudged, fondled and elbowed all the way up the stairway, I yearned for air, yearned to be back on the surface, yearned to be free of the swarming crowd. My 14-year-old Irish countryside mind was absolutely boggled by the number of people I was witnessing. The entire experience was jarring but illuminating. I even bought a Sunderland football jersey on that trip – my head must have been completely spun.

When I finally came across the water for a more significant length of time, it was, of course, for two very typical reasons: work and a girl. I’d worked on a film with a girl called Amy and fallen madly in love with her. This happened to coincide roughly with coming to London to do a TV show: Misfits. I rented a flat in Covent Garden from this bonkers lady who carried a painting around with her because she was scared it was going to get robbed or damaged. I often saw her scuttling up the street, wearing dirty dungarees, carrying the painting and talking to herself. I lost the deposit on that place because another member of the cast of Misfits, who shall remain unnamed (the small, pasty Welsh one), broke a window! I blamed it on a wayward pigeon, but apparently some do-gooder neighbours had come forward as witnesses.

That period was fantastic. It was like Britain and I were on our honeymoon. Britain opened herself to me, the big harlot, and I delighted in all of her hidden treats. But she can be a lonely, scary place if you don’t actually live here, if you have no base. Before, I would often come over for a day to do an audition, and spend the vast proportion of that day huddled in the corner of a café, nursing a cup of tea and trying to practise my lines without looking like an insane person. In that Covent Garden period, though, London was my oyster, yet Ireland was still very much home, still that inert magnet pulling me back to where I’d spent my whole life. I was only at the tender age of 21 at the time.

In the four years between then and now, however, the point pulling me home has become London as opposed to fair olde Ireland. Ireland remains my romantic home, a home of the heart, but not long after I’m through the door, I’m turning on my heel and heading back to London: my place of residence, the place I’ve become settled in, acclimatised and accustomed to.

Britain has been good to me. She’s provided me with a big, booming, bustling metropolis in which to have adventures and chase my dreams. For now. Who knows where I will be pulled next.

Source: Hunger TV

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Robert was honoured with a prestigious Honorary Fellowship from the Literary and Historical Society at UCD:

The 25-year-old was honoured by University College Dublin’s Literary & Historical society (L&H) this evening and delighted more than 500 students, who queued for up to two hours to see him, when he turned out to discuss his on-screen work.

Now in its 159th session, the UCD society awarded Rob with a lifetime honorary membership and after signing dozens of autographs outside the Astra Hall building, Rob received a standing ovation as he walked down through the crowd to be interviewed.

Source: Independent.ie

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Debra Ireland have posted a competition on their Twitter and Facebook which will allow 5 winning ladies to go on a dinner date with Robert:

The Love/Hate actor has kindly agreed to take five ladies out on a dinner date. To be in with a chance to win, all you need to do is sign up for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, register with Debra Ireland and raise over €150. All ladies who do this and return their money to us by July 19th will be put into a draw to win one of these places. The closing date is fast approaching, so log on to www.florawomensminimarathon.ie to book your place and visit www.debraireland.org to fill out your details and receive your fundraising pack.

Source: Debra Ireland

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Another three pictures from The Call’s premiere in LA. 



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